Mias Nortje


“We at Cosmos Brokers would like to use this opportunity to thank Mias Nortje for his dedication towards his clients, his work ethic and his perseverance to Cosmos.” We as a company are truly privileged to have such an influential individual in our midst.”

Mias Nortje, the go to guy in short-term insurance.He is the founder of Cosmos Brokers, which has been a top insurance brokerage the past 33 years. He stands today with 33 years of experience in short-term insurance and believes in the fact that every day can be a 10/10 day, it only depends on how you want to see it.

We all know Mias as a successful, goal driven, dedicated and sophisticated businessman. Always has a smile on his face with laughter in his heart, except when it comes to his client’s problems and claims. This is where you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this 33 year experienced individual. He believes that his clients are his primary priority no matter what the circumstances may be.


Annamie Nortje


“As the wife of Mias Nortje, we at Cosmos would like to thank Annamie for her contribution to the success of Cosmos Short-Term Insurance Brokers.”

Annamie Nortje, the pretty smile that greets you, with enthusiasm that brightens up your day. Always ready to talk and listen to your problems. A business woman that is the cornerstone for Mias Nortje in Cosmos Brokers, ready to use all of her experience, including her 30 years of short-term insurance experience doing your quotation, amendment and handling your claim.

Annamie can be seen as the Jack of all trades in short-term insurance, the only difference is – she is the master of all. Seeing that she is the Head of Administration, her knowledge will secure our compliance future.


Chantall Nortje


“She believes that the core of Cosmos Brokes is to believe in the impossible and looking at this young but successful business woman you may just think that she can even make certain impossibilities possible.”

All it took was one young man who had a dream and a steadfast determination to never give up; for Cosmos Brokers to be transformed from merely an idea to a business empire that is being built day by day.

Chantall has a deep desire in her heart to generate financial wealth, security for the future and an extraordinary life for every single human being. Not only does she put in tremendous effort for the company she loves, she believes in giving every client the opportunities to better their lives and give them the future they have always been dreaming of. It takes a lot of perseverance to keep your eye on the end goal, and this individual didn’t let anything stop her along the way of becoming the business woman she is today. With the compassion in her heart, the determination in her mind and the drive in her eyes you can rest assured that your future is in good hands, she even went the extra mile and got her NQF 6 Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.